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In case you haven’t heard, the five Pythons are appearing together at the Tribeca Film Festival in April in New York. There will be screenings of their films, and the US premiere of a nifty new documentary that chronicles the 2014 reunion shows at the O2 in London. Tickets for the various screenings go on sale March 23 at tribecafilm.com. If you’re in New York, or even close to New York, you’ll want to be there. Here’s more info.


Forty years ago this week (on December 5th, 1974, to be precise), the BBC broadcast Show 45, the last original episode of @montypython. John Cleese has since departed for more Fawlty Pastures, but to me, the opening sketch of the final show still ranks as one of their funniest. Take a look here and see if you agree…

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Twenty-five years. A quarter of a century. That’s how long ago Graham Chapman was snatched away from us after his battle with cancer on October 4, 1989.
It doesn’t really seem possible, because Graham seems more alive than ever. He was much-remembered in the Monty Python Live (Mostly) reunion show at the O2 last summer. And, John Cleese does an excellent job of bringing his old writing partner back to live in the pages of his upcoming autobiography So Anyway

But of course, none of that can replace the living, breathing, squawking man that so many of us know and love, and I count myself fortunate to have so many personal memories. I try to blog an occasional Graham story and should do so more often. For instance…
Graham and his son John Tomiczek were in Chicago over a long weekend, when Graham was on one of his lecture tours. I had met up with them, as I usually did, showing them some of the more interesting people and places, catching up, and having a good time in general. Not long after they arrived, they made an unfortunate discovery: the hotel did not provide laundry service over the weekend. None of the other options had a sufficiently short turn-around time, and they wouldn’t have a chance to get their laundry done before leaving town. They had been counting on this and were down to the last of their supplies. When I arrived at their room, Graham was concerned enough to mention it to me. Don’t worry, I assured him, I know what we can do. And so, we piled into my car, laundry in the trunk, and headed to my parents’ house in Ottawa, Illinois.
About two hours later, we arrived late in the afternoon, and my parents were apparently about to leave to go out for dinner. But when Graham walked in, their plans went out the window. We all sat down and visited for a few minutes, and I explained their predicament. Dinner plans went out the window and my mother, bless her heart, immediately began doing their laundry. Shortly after that, I took Graham and John out to show them the sights of Ottawa, which did not take terribly long. But when we arrived back at my parents’ house, the laundry was finished. “She even folded everything!” admired John, as indeed she had, down to the socks and underwear. Graham and John were tremendously grateful, and we packed things up and went back to Chicago. I later told the story to Michael Palin, who dubbed her “Marge Johnson, Laundress to the Stars!”
It’s hard to imagine what Graham would be up to now if he were still with us (though I’m sure he’d be more organized with his laundry). Still, I can’t help thinking how unfair it was that he wasn’t about to join the other five at the O2. But I can tell you this: for the limited number of days he had, Graham lived each one to the fullest.

Cleese on the Coast!…

And for our friends on the West Coast of the U.S., you won’t be able to avoid John Cleese or his autobiography, So Anyway… 

John will be in Seattle on November 16; details to come.
Nov. 17 is San Jose, and the details are here.
Nov. 18: John will be in L.A., with special guest interviewer Eric Idle!!! Get your tickets now!
Nov. 19: John returns home to Santa Barbara! Here’s more info
Nov. 20: John is heading towards San Diego for this one. I’ve been working the phones to get another interviewer for this one, and I think I found one! I should be able to make the announcement any day now. Here’s the rest of the info
Nov. 21: John will be at the Barnes and Noble at The Grove at Farmers Market in L.A. and it’s looking like I may have another terrific interviewer. Stay tuned for the announcement, but in the meantime: Have a look
And finally, he’ll wrap things up Nov. 23 at the Miami Book Fair.
I’m hoping to have the Canadian tour info soon!
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