Bleed Out

I don’t post much lately, but there’s something so important that it’s actually got me blogging again.

My old friend and Baron’s Barracuda Brother Steve Burrows has gone through hell over the past ten years, but he’s done an incredible job making lemonade out of a real-life horror story.

His mother went into the hospital for a routine hip replacement, and wound up in a coma with brain damage. Steve tried to find out why, and who was accountable. The result is a brand new HBO documentary titled Bleed Out. I can’t recommend it too strongly.

Well done, Steve and Margo–your mother would be proud of you.


1 thought on “Bleed Out

  1. maxnhall

    Howard – thanks for sharing. AS you know, we went through our own journey at the end of mom’s life. The health care industry in this country shows us the very best and the very worst of how to take care of people.


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