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Terry Jones and Monty Python and the Holy Grail’s 40th Anniversary

As promised–here are some of the memories of Terry Jones at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta on September 8th for the 40th anniversary screening of Monty Python and the Holy Grail! As seen through the lens of Bryan Willy!

Willy_150908_9878 Willy_150908_1505 Willy_150908_1506 Willy_150908_1512 Willy_150908_1522 Willy_150908_1530 Willy_150908_1554 Willy_150908_1566 Willy_150908_1577 Willy_150908_1590 Willy_150908_1601 Willy_150908_1603 Willy_150908_1620 Willy_150908_1622 Willy_150908_1632 Willy_150908_1633 Willy_150908_1647 Willy_150908_1655 Willy_150908_9745 Willy_150908_9748 Willy_150908_9754 Willy_150908_9759 Willy_150908_9762 Willy_150908_9764 Willy_150908_9767 Willy_150908_9770 Willy_150908_9820 Willy_150908_9844 Willy_150908_9848 Willy_150908_9859 Willy_150908_9877 Willy_150908_9885 Willy_150908_9889 Willy_150908_9895 Willy_150908_9902 Willy_150908_9903


Terry Jones in Atlanta…

Yes, I know I haven’t written much about Terry’s trip down South. But I’m waiting for a whole packet of photos to arrive that document his evening at the Fox Theatre and his 40th anniversary presentation of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. So be patient. It’ll be worth it. @montypython @PythonJones

Great Pre-Python News!

…Two more episodes of At Last the 1948 Show have been discovered! Details are here: @montypython @johncleese

Look out Atlanta! Terry Jones (and I) will be enjoying your hospitality this weekend @dragoncon and Sept 8 @thefoxtheatre! Lots of surprises! Here’s more info @PythonJones @montypython #montypthon @khowardjohnson