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Still More London Python Shows

Five more Python reunion shows have been added to the schedule for the O2 Arena next summer. The shows have been announced for July 15, 16, 18, 19, and 20, in addition to the previous five soldout shows.

The first show sold out in a record 43.5 minutes. Four more shows were immediately added, and they all sold out within a half hour.Tickets for the five added shows will go on sale on Friday July 29 at 10 a.m. (London time). See to register and for more details.

According to the official press release:

On announcing the extra dates, John Cleese said: “The response to our planned reunion has been very, very silly.  But, we’re all touched that so many fans still want to see such old people perform.  So we’re delighted to be adding more dates to the run at the O2.”



More Python Shows Coming!

ImageThe Monty Python Reunion shows sold out fast. Really fast. The 16,000 seat O2 Arena sold out the first show in 58 seconds, and the four added shows all sold out within a half hour.

If you’re among the many who weren’t able to score tickets, there’s good news on the way. More London shows are coming. Soon. Final details are being worked out even as I write this, and much depends on the availability of the O2 in July 2014. But don’t pay the ticket broker prices. Do keep trying . I don’t know how much notice there will be when they do put the additional shows on sale, so keep checking in. And keep in mind the the time difference, which may mean getting up in the middle of the night may be your best bet. I’ll try to keep you informed, but this could be a very sudden-notice situation…

Pythons Sell Out!

If you tried and failed to get tickets to the Python reunion show July 1 at London’s 02 Arena (it sold out in less than a minute), at least you had another chance. The good news: they added four more shows–July 2-5–at the same venue. The bad news: if you didn’t get tickets to any of those, you’re probably out of luck, as those have all sold out as well. Take a look here.

Possibly good news: the show may be adding some dates in Europe and America. Nothing is official yet, but I’ll be posting here as soon as I hear something.

When John Cleese first told me about the show, he said they planned to perform July 2, 3, and 4, so I was a little puzzled when the first show announced was for July 1. Guess I needn’t have worried…



Behind the Python Trivia

Monty Python seems to have take over my blog this week, but I suppose it can’t be helped. After all, this is the first time in 30 years that they’ve performed together. If you tuned in here looking for chatter about improvisation, Mystery Science Theatre/Cinematic Titanic, or anything about comedy in general, things will return to normal soon…

But in the meantime, as I’ve just re-released my second-ever Python book as an e-book, I thought I’d explain how it all came about.


No one was more amazed than I was (unless it was my agent or my publisher) when my first book was released in late 1989. The First 200 Years of Monty Python sold amazingly well. Graham Chapman had passed away a few weeks before, the day before the Pythons had observed their 20th anniversary (in what Terry Jones had called “the worst case of party-pooping I’ve ever heard of”), so perhaps Python was on peoples’ minds more than usual.

And so, my editor and agent both approached me, basically saying “So what else have you got, Python-wise?” The problem was that I had thrown just about everything but the kitchen sink into the first book. John Cleese suggested I write a book on the solo projects of the various Pythons, but my editor and my agent weren’t terribly excited at the idea. I knew that a book like that would take a while to do right, so I tried to come up with an idea for something I could write rather quickly and painlessly. I thought about a quiz book, and I thought about a trivia book. There probably wasn’t enough material for either idea, so I thought I could combine the two and have a very nice, informative volume that I could turn out quickly and easily.

Boy, was I wrong.

I asked the surviving Pythons and they gave me their blessings. Michael Palin gave me a quote that I loved so much I insisted it go on the back cover: “Our forte was trivia.”

But I soon came to realize that if I was going to put together a list of each time one of them appeared as a Gumby, or performed in drag, or named a character Ken or Arthur, I was going to have to go back and watch every show several times, in great detail, stopping and starting the VHS copies that were all that existed then. It was not quick and easy.

But by the time I had finished, I had a compilation of Python data that amazed even me. Of course, it took nearly as long to write as did my first book, but it was well worth it.

It sold respectably well, well enough for my editor to ask for another Python book. And I went on to write a third book, on the solo projects of the Pythons, just as John had very wisely suggested.

But And Now For Something Completely Trivial was allowed to go out of print after that one printing. Seemed kind of a shame, and over the years I always thought it’d be nice to bring it back into print. And so now, over twenty years later, it’s back. If you buy it, I think you’ll enjoy reading it even more than I enjoyed writing it.

In fact, I’m sure of it.

Python Ticket Info

As promised, here’s how to order tickets for the Monty Python reunion show, next July 1st at the O2 Arena in London. But first, a disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with the ticketing people, and if you try to drop my name with the ticket-sellers, everyone involved will be very disappointed. They go on sale at 10 am (London time) Monday, November 25, at It might be a good idea to visit ahead of time and register to improve your chances.

If it sells out quickly, don’t be surprised if another show is added quickly, so keep checking the site.


To all my U.S. friends, enemies, and occasional associates–I don’t have extra tickets (in fact, I don’t have any tickets at the moment, though I’m hoping that will change)–so if you want tickets, the best way to do it is to drag yourself out of bed at some ridiculous hour, log on to your computer, and start trying.

If you miss out entirely, you may have to wait and hope that a U.S. Tour materializes.

And if you didn’t see the press conference, and would like your appetite whetted, an edited version is available here.

Good luck!

And Now For Something Completely Trivial

My second Monty Python book has been out of print ever since 1991, and this seemed like a good time to rectify that. When Terry Jones leaked the news about the Python reunion, I rushed this into production as an e-book, and I’m rather delighted with the results. Here’s an easy way to order it.


Fantasia Frog Designs was able to construct a cover (above) in nearly record time, and did an amazing job. It’s on sale right now on as an e-book at the shockingly low price of $1.99, and will provide hours of brain-hurting entertainment for Mom, Dad, Junior, and Sis.

I’ll write a little more soon on how I originally wrote this, and why it took so incredibly long to do so. Stay tuned.