The Return of the Time Police (The Time Authority Book Two)


The Return of The Time Police: The Time Authority Book Two [Kindle Edition]

Stan and Jack crash-land their time machine in 1848, where they discover, due to DaVinci’s influence, a futuristic Victorian England. After nearly colliding with Maggie Wells on her flying machine, she helps them hide their broken Time Hopper.

But Stan and Jack realize their only hope to fix their machine is to recover the operating manual, and Special Services agents, led by Maggie’s former boyfriend James Burton, are constantly searching for them. And Jack’s growing attraction for Maggie is tempered by the thought that she could be his great-great-great-great-grandmother.

Meanwhile, inventor Sam Warner and his wife Sarah have discovered the operating manual for the time machine in a trunk of his grandfather’s things. When Sam coincidentally ends up with the power crystal from Stan and Jack’s machine, and sets about converting an old carriage into his own time machine, they agree to pool their resources.

The unlikely partners must find a way to rescue DaVinci and Benjamin Franklin in the previous century, but when they are captured while trying to recover the Time Carriage, they face execution at the Tower of London. Can the group escape in time to find DaVinci, prevent the destruction of our Timeline, and help Franklin invent the game of golf?

And if they succeed, will they be wiped out of existence?


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