I’ve known for quite a while that I’d have to write this post, but I was hoping against hope that it wouldn’t happen. As many of you know, Terry Jones has been diagnosed with Frontal Temporal Dementia/Primary Progressive Aphasia, which has severely affected his ability to speak.

Terry will be getting a well-earned Lifetime Achievement Award from BAFTA Wales next weekend, and the family chose to make the announcement in the BAFTA press release that was just sent out. In accordance with the family’s wishes, I will say no more, except that Terry agreed to go public with his diagnosis in order to raise awareness in hopes of helping others with this horrible form of dementia.

I spent this past week with Terry, staying with him at his house, going for hikes, hoisting a couple of beers, and I can say that he is much loved and being well looked after. Terry and I had dinner with another old friend last night (see photo), and I have seldom laughed so much in a single evening.

I know Terry is cheered by the well-wishes of friends and fans, and while he may be stepping out of the limelight, we’ll thank him for Mr. Creosote, and Mandy, and Sir Bedevere, and so many more. Love you old chum…



6 thoughts on “Terry…

  1. kiptw

    “So many more,” indeed. Mr. Entrail (“Nasty little piece of work he is; I hate him.”) stands out, for some reason. I’ll be reading (or rereading) one of his books soon, and perhaps revisiting Ripping Yarns.

  2. demoncat4

    i am very sad to hear a comic legend like terry is now being robbed of his main tool of bringing laughter to people. thanks for a legacy of work mr johnes python and not python stuff

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