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This is the week! So, Anyway… is being released in North America on Tuesday, so keep your eyes peeled for lots of John Cleese in print, radio, television and the web–particularly the latter, where I’ll be posting and tweeting along the journey with John as he talks, and talks, and talks about his new autobiography. This will be the place to be, starting with Tuesday’s Barnes and Noble signing at 555 Fifth Avenue from 12:30 to 2 pm. And Tuesday evening, there’s a New York Times “Times Talks” event at The New School, 66 West 12th Street at 7:30 pm.

Then, Wednesday morning, be sure to watch Morning Joe on MSNBC. Lots of #johncleese and #soanyway this week–and if you don’t live in New York, don’t worry–he’s going to be doing a lot of traveling. And, I’ll be with him all the way, giving you all the latest updates!

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  1. kingscrod

    I’ve been reading your books since 1989 (“The First 200 Years…”) and I was so surprised to find your blog recently. I’m so glad I did: I’m on my way to NYC this morning and catching up on my blog reading at the airport while waiting to see what particular brand of hell Delta has in store for me today, and low and behold you drop this bit of golden info in my lap! After a few minutes of frantic searching tickets for tomorrow night are now secured. Now to get those afternoon meetings shortened…

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