All My Birthdays

Happy birthday wishes to my old pal and co-producer Walt Willey! You may know him from his standup comedy, you may know him from his portrayal of (fellow LaSalle County native) Wild Bill Hickok, you may know him from his new web series Thurston. Who knows? You may even know him from his 25 year stint playing Jackson Montgomery on All My Children. But of course, I know him from Mrs. Finkeldye’s first grade class, and a lot of classes after that.

For the past several years, we have kept busy reviving community theatre in our hometown of Ottawa, Illinois, co-producing and acting in an annual summer play with a spectacular cast, including All My Children guest stars like Jill Larson, Julia Barr, Taylor Miller, Kale Brown, Vincent Irrizary, and Bobbi Eakes. If you’d like to keep informed, check in here and here, and even right back here.  

And hey, Buddy-Boy, I’d tell you to relax for your birthday, but I know you too well for that. Have a great birthday! 


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