Python Ticket Info

As promised, here’s how to order tickets for the Monty Python reunion show, next July 1st at the O2 Arena in London. But first, a disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with the ticketing people, and if you try to drop my name with the ticket-sellers, everyone involved will be very disappointed. They go on sale at 10 am (London time) Monday, November 25, at It might be a good idea to visit ahead of time and register to improve your chances.

If it sells out quickly, don’t be surprised if another show is added quickly, so keep checking the site.


To all my U.S. friends, enemies, and occasional associates–I don’t have extra tickets (in fact, I don’t have any tickets at the moment, though I’m hoping that will change)–so if you want tickets, the best way to do it is to drag yourself out of bed at some ridiculous hour, log on to your computer, and start trying.

If you miss out entirely, you may have to wait and hope that a U.S. Tour materializes.

And if you didn’t see the press conference, and would like your appetite whetted, an edited version is available here.

Good luck!