More Python Shows Coming!

ImageThe Monty Python Reunion shows sold out fast. Really fast. The 16,000 seat O2 Arena sold out the first show in 58 seconds, and the four added shows all sold out within a half hour.

If you’re among the many who weren’t able to score tickets, there’s good news on the way. More London shows are coming. Soon. Final details are being worked out even as I write this, and much depends on the availability of the O2 in July 2014. But don’t pay the ticket broker prices. Do keep trying . I don’t know how much notice there will be when they do put the additional shows on sale, so keep checking in. And keep in mind the the time difference, which may mean getting up in the middle of the night may be your best bet. I’ll try to keep you informed, but this could be a very sudden-notice situation…