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The Last of the Time Police Free Sample!

I’ve been meaning to post the first chapter of The Last of the Time Police on here for a while now. With the abysmal winter weather we’ve been having and will, apparently, be having for a while longer, this seemed like a great weekend to curl up in front of a warm laptop and sample the beginning of my Time Authority series. Enjoy.


Just click on the link below!

Time Police Bk 1


Continued in The Last of the Time Police: The Time Authority Book One


Something About Me

Candysraves.com, a fine site whether you’re looking for books, movies, or any number of miscellaneous products, is now featuring an interview with their latest product: me. I talk quite a bit about writing and my Time Police books (also available¬†here), but there’s all sorts of useless trivia about Monty Python, improvisation, and what I’m working on at the moment. And if you’re as bored of me as I am, there’s still plenty on her blog for you to enjoy…