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Nine years ago this week–on June 5, 2005–Monty Python’s Spamalot won the Tony Award for Best Musical (as well as awards for Mike Nichols and Sara Ramirez for Best Director and Best Actress, respectively). Since that time, it has played, literally, around the world many times over, and has shown no signs of ending. This is a mini-documentary about the rehearsals for the original London show, which includes a few familiar faces in addition to the cast (which is impressive enough, and includes Tim Curry recreating his original role of King Arthur). Yes, I know Graham Chapman was originally King Arthur, but Tim Curry is a much better singer. Take my word for it. And enjoy.


What About Dick?

I just realized that, during the 6 months or so that I’ve been blogging, I haven’t mentioned WHAT ABOUT DICK?, Eric Idle’s hilarious, only slightly naughty comedy. It’s not exactly a comedy, it’s not exactly a play, and there is some improv and stand-up.

A few years ago, Eric wrote a script called THE REMAINS OF THE PIANO, which he has transformed into WHAT ABOUT DICK? He assembled an incredibly talented cast consisting of Billy Connolly, Russell Brand, Tracy Ullman, Jim Piddock, Eddie Izzard, Jane Leeves, Sophie Winkleman, and Tim Curry for a one-time-only performance in L.A. For those of us not in L.A., however, it was filmed and edited and is available as a digital download at whataboutdick.com.

If you’d like to order it but aren’t sure how to digitally download anything, I’ve included a video here that should help, featuring a very kind gentleman who packs more Dicks into three minutes than–well, you can insert your own Dick joke here. Enjoy.