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Mother’s Day

What could be more appropriate on this Mother’s Day that a young woman becoming a mother? This was written by John Cleese and Graham Chapman, the latter bringing his experience as a qualified medical doctor to the writing room.
I wasn’t around for much of the filming of MEANING OF LIFE, but I was here for most of this. I think Graham was particularly proud of this scene, having seen this attitude all too often by medical professionals and hospital administrators, and was very pleased to take them down a notch. Happy Mother’s Day!


Meaning of Creosote

Here’s another clip I’m using for my iO Chicago writing class (see yesterday). This is a classic, but is also NSFD (not safe for dinner) viewing.
At a workshop I conducted a while back, I asked Terry Jones about the writing of this scene. He revealed that it initially got an unenthusiastic response from the other Pythons, so he put it away. Then, about a month later, John Cleese rang him up and told him that he thought it could be very funny. As Terry put it, “John discovered that the waiter gets all the laughs!”

Python 2014 Pre-Reunion

Is there a better way to start 2014–the year of the Python reunion–than with a Python reunion?

This is an edited version of a 60-minute Special Feature that was filmed for the MEANING OF LIFE Blu-Ray, probably around the time the Pythons themselves were discussing doing a REAL reunion–which will be this July in London.

Enjoy, and a Happy New Year!

Christmas in Heaven

‘Tis the season for one of my favorite Graham Chapman performances, from Meaning of Life. I remember walking around the soundstage with Graham during the filming, and noticing the huge set of steps that he would have to walk down during the song. He admitted he was a little nervous–it was a huge, tall set of stairs, and his descent was being choreographed by Arlene Phillips. But he shot it shortly afterward–and the result should put you in the Christmas spirit…