@johncleese made an appearance this week on Conan O’Brien, which was actually taped a week ago.

My experience with shows like this is that there is usually a larger TV monitor turned on when the show is being recorded, but the staff seldom pays much attention to it, except, for example, to see how well a particular joke goes over.

That was not the case here.

When John stepped into the studio with Conan and Andy Richter, there was a respectful silence as everyone listened to him telling about cheering up his mother.

By the end of the story, the laughter in the green room was almost louder than it was in the studio–and it was plenty loud in the studio. You can see what I mean here: https://protect-us.mimecast.com/s/VA42BLuE3bzGSv

And talking about his German lessons: https://protect-us.mimecast.com/s/5JewB8c5vAQqc8

And how @montypython invaded America: https://protect-us.mimecast.com/s/g5ZxBXSZp6xEIx

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