O Canada


About a year ago, when I was traveling with John Cleese, we were at a TV station in Toronto for a morning program. Our publicist brought a young man over and introduced us, and he told John a story about meeting him when he was younger. He was called away, and the publicist told us “He has a good chance of being the next prime minister.”

And last night, that’s exactly what happened. Justin Trudeau, soon to be Prime Minister Trudeau, couldn’t have been nicer. He slipped out of campaign mode, long enough to chat, although it was Canadian campaign mode, which meant he was very decent and polite.

Later that day, we had moved on to another TV station, and while John was being interviewed, I noticed Justin (I’m having a hard time calling him Prime Minister Trudeau) was in the green room, this time with more of an entourage. He noticed me about the same time, and spring from the couch to shake my hand again. “We’re not following you,” I assured him. “But, maybe we should think about car pooling.”