Cleese across America

image image imageThe tour has begun!

So, Anyway… is officially out in North America, and so is its author. The first round of publicity is in New York City, with a photo shoot, a book signing, a public interview by The New York Times’ Dave Itzkoff, and assorted interviews with press across North America.

The Times Talk is long sold out, but will be telecast live at

Of course, one of the highlights of the day had to be the book signing at the Fifth Avenue Barnes and Noble, where John signed hundreds of books and chatted with virtually all of his fans. They all left smiling—and most of them left with an armload of books!

John even ended up meeting with more fans during lunch at New York’s famed Carnegie Deli. After enjoying one of their massive but delicious specialties, John posed for a picture and will be joining their wall of fame soon. Stop by and see what he posed with!

Wednesday morning, don’t miss MSNBC’s Morning Joe, where John is scheduled to appear live during the final hour of the morning. There will be numerous other interviews throughout the day, leading up to Wednesday night, when John will talk about his autobiography on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart! This is going to be a good one, so don’t miss it!

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