Roy Leonard

There aren’t too many Chicago radio legends left, and we can’t afford to lose the ones we have. Unfortunately, we’ve lost Roy Leonard, one of the nicest, most decent gentlemen to ever pick up a microphone. 

There are plenty of tributes to him all over the web, so I won’t try to summarize his career or write anything lengthy. In addition to reviewing movies for many years, he even took over for Frazier Thomas on Family Classics. He was even nice enough to interview me on occasion and help me promote my Monty Python books, and I’m happy to say that the difference between the on-air Roy Leonard and the off-air Roy Leonard was non-existent.
Need more? Well, he was one of John Cleese’s favorite interviewers. John once said “Any actor who says he enjoys publicity is a Goddam liar. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed a small number of interviews in the last 15 years and most of them were with Roy Leonard.”

Thank you Roy, and condolences to his family.