Python Predictions

Gilliam's Goodie Bag...

Every time I’ve seen Terry G perform “I’ve Got Two Legs” (City Center, Hollywood Bowl), he increases his altitude. But it looks like the O2 is going to top them all… BTW, any guesses what’s in the backpack (frontpack) around his waist? If he’s running true to form, it’ll be something disgusting.

What’s going to be in the show? What won’t be? Here are a few of my predictions…

Sketches to look for in the show:

I’ve Got Two Legs: This Terry Gilliam song has, I believe, been performed in the Drury Lane, City Center, and Hollywood Bowl shows, with Terry being hoisted up on a wire. See photo.

Spanish Inquisition: this is one of the classic sketches that I don’t think has been performed live in a Python show before. It’s complicated by the fact that Graham isn’t here to note that there’s trouble at the mill, but someone else could play this somewhat smaller role, or Graham could do it on video.

LLamas: This is a particularly silly thing that has been in virtually all the stage shows, for no particular reason. Why should this one be any different?

What sketches won’t be in the show:

The Most Awful Family in Britain/Church Police: this was one that they used to love to close the show with; it was a great ensemble piece, allowed them to mug in the extreme, and allowed Terry Gilliam to load up on “More beans.” I suspect the lack of Graham was a factor in choosing to leave this out.

Most of the cast scenes that involve Graham. Unless, of course, they can be displayed on video. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Colin “Bomber” Harris wrestling scene, as it’s a stand-alone.

What sketches will be performed very differently:

Silly Walks: It’s too iconic to leave out, but John won’t want to perform this with his bionic hip. So, look for a singing and dancing version.

Dead Parrot: Again, it’s too iconic to leave out, but well-worn territory. I suspect a production number here…