Many years ago, I found myself doing some work in the comic book field, doing a little scripting and a lot of marketing. My old pal Mike Gold got me involved with DC Comics, as he did with so many other Chicagoans, and I did a fair amount of promotional writing. It was then that I first encountered Bob Wayne, who was relatively new in the marketing department. Image

Our paths crossed often over the years and we became friends who usually saw each other a couple times a year, which often involved comic book conventions. Bob was a Python fan and had a similar sense of humor, so we got along fine. Of course, I suspect Bob’s most memorable encounter with me was when he and Mike Carlin joined John Cleese and I for lunch one day when we were discussing Superman: True Brit, the graphic novel I was to write with John.

ImageThe years went by and the comic book landscape gradually changed, as it always does. The Mikes are gone. Most of my friends at DC left or or transferred to other areas. Bob Wayne was the one constant, I always figured they’d have to carry him out in a Bat-box.
That’s why I was so shocked to hear that Bob has, at last, announced his retirement. After 28 years. Twenty-eight years! That’s a lifetime–probably several lifetimes–for the comic book industry. I’m still a little shocked, but happy for Bob. And, I’m sure he’ll have a nice retirement with endless stacks of comic reading to keep him busy. Congratulations and enjoy, Bob!