Python Live Linking

The  Monty Python Live Facebook page just went live last week, and it looks like it might be a very good place to check in for occasional updates. Of course, this will, I hope, continue to be another very good place to check in for occasional updates. Why not keep using us both?

BTW, a couple of people have asked me if Terry Gilliam will be taking over Graham Chapman’s roles in this show. As I understand it…not quite. First of all, Terry and Graham are rather different types. Other Pythons may fill in for Graham in some circumstances, but there will also be clips and recordings of Graham filling in for Graham.

I should point out that while the show will include lots of favorite old sketches, there’s going to be new material, and new twists on old material. If you’ve seen or heard Monty Python Live at City Center or Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl, you haven’t seen Monty Python Live (mostly). Tickets are still blah, blah, blah…