My Favorite Book of 2014 (So Far)

And no, it’s not one of mine.


Beyond Reach  is an action adventure that you won’t be able to put down. It opens with one of the most terrifying real-life scenes I’ve ever read, as a rescue diver tries to recover a body deep within an underwater cave. And from there, it never lets up until the last page.

Did you know there is a subterranean system of caverns that extends underground from Florida to the Midwest. I didn’t, until I read this book. Do you know what it’s like to explore a cave? I didn’t, until I read the incredibly detailed, claustrophobic, terrifying passages here.

The characters are engaging, and the mystery is absorbing. There’s even a paranormal twist that I didn’t see coming.

I hesitated to write about Beyond Reach because I’m married to the author, but even if I wasn’t, it’s simply too good a book to miss, all prejudice aside. It’s the first in the Deepview series of adventures; it’s just been released as an e-book, but a print version will be coming soon. Here’s the link, and you can thank me for it later.