iO Chicago Python Class:

I just realized that I never followed up my earlier post here about the iO Chicago class that I teased a couple of weeks ago. I actually do have a good reason for it, but that’s a pretty lame excuse.

I had long talked about doing a workshop for the Writing Program at the iO Chicago, a workshop based in what I know of the Monty Python approach to sketch comedy writing. (Hey, after sitting across the office from John Cleese for several years, interviewing them all many times, and writing with Terry Jones, some of it had to rub off.) Finally, after substitute teaching a few classes for Michael McCarthy recently, he said “What are you waiting for?”

So, I organized the syllabus and we prepared to schedule and announce it. At which point, I posted my earlier comments about a class of interest at the iO. Then, at the end of the day, the director of the Training Center told me he would announce the class shortly. When I logged on to my Mac the next morning, I was a little surprised to see that it had already filled up!

There didn’t seem to be much point announcing a class that was already sold out, so I didn’t.

But the good news is, it looks like there will be another, expanded class announced very shortly, so if you’re within commuting range of the iO and want to learn how to think like a Python, and learn the art of re-writing and collaborating, check back here. Or, maybe you should check back directly with the iO. By the time I get it posted, I’ll probably be too late again…


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