Mystery Science

It was nice to see Chicago’s Museum of Broadcasting honor Mystery Science Theatre 3000 last Saturday by bringing in Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff, and Joel Hodgson (though Josh Weinstein had to bow out due to illness, unfortunately–get well soon Josh!). The crowd was so huge that this was as close as I could get to the panel (and I couldn’t even fit in moderator Steve Darnell, who did a fine job questioning the group).

ImageFortunately, I was able to get a little closer to my old pal Trace over at Nookie’s in Old Town. Trace, Frank, Joel, Josh, and Mary Jo Pehl have spent the past few years touring the country as Cinematic Titanic, riffing on movies, and if you were luck to see them, you know the only thing better than watching MST 3K on video is watching them live in a theatre with a huge audience (of course, you can still order their DVDs here).


But all good things come to an end, and although Cinematic Titanic hit a metaphorical iceberg and is coming to a close, there’s good news ahead. Laurie and I got to hear (and see) Trace’s new production–and boy, if it’s that spectacular on a 3″ screen, just wait till it’s available on your own DVD or download! As soon as Trace gives me the go-ahead, I’ll tell you all about it–but it’s coming soon. Until then–Do the Frank.