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Big Pythonic announcement

At last! Whether you’re going to the O2 this week, watching The Last Night of Python at one of the hundreds of theatres around the world, or simply aren’t near enough to do either, the perfect Python accessory is here at last.
When I started writing Monty Python from the Inside OutI began jotting down all sorts of interesting Python trivia, much of which I had forgotten about.
What’s the connection between Monty Python and Game of Thrones? Was Elvis Presley a Python fan? Who was the only Python to take acting lessons?
If you think you know everything there is to know about Monty Python, then wait till you read Monty Python from the Inside Out.
Monty Python from the Inside Out answers such questions as: Which Python was a Broadway star decades before Monty Python’s Spamalot? Which one was a physics major in college? Whose comedy career was due to a Royal Command? Who was an international journalist? Which one served in the Army? And who wrote the worst Python sketches?
And Monty Python from the Inside Out answers questions you didn’t even think to ask, such as: What was the most painful Python sketch to film? Which books inspired the most Python sketches? What sparked the biggest fight within the group?
And learn the facts behind the Python films as well. Was Holy Grail cursed? Who bought the world’s most expensive movie ticket? And what was the real-life inspiration for Mr. Creosote?
This undersized book at an undersized price is filled with stories about the time the Pythons and the Beatles nearly teamed up, who lobbied to be a member of Monty Python, and the connection between Monty Python and Charlie Chaplin.
As the Pythons celebrate their 45th anniversary with a farewell reunion show at London’s O2 Arena, there’s no better time to look back at lunacy, Python-style.
I think recent Python fans will find much they didn’t know about here, and even longtime fans will be surprised about a great deal of this. At any rate, it’s undersized and underpriced. If you’re going to be seeing the Pythons say goodbye this weekend, think of it as an Pythonic hors d’oeuvre to whet your e-appetite.
No hard sell. If you like Python, I think you’ll love this e-book. If you don’t–hey, what are you doing here in the first place??

Pythonic Posting…

My posting over the next week-and-a-half is going to be more erratic than usual. As I may have mentioned, I’m going off to London to see the Pythons.
I’ll be posting whenever possible, although I don’t know how much that will be–maybe a lot, maybe not all all. If it’s the latter, boy, am I gonna have a lot to write about when I get back here… #montypythonlive

Python tease…

Whether you’re going to be seeing the Python Reunion show this week or not, I’ve got an announcement that may enhance your appreciation of the current occupants of the O2 Arena. However, I can’t reveal it quite yet. Not that I don’t want to–but I can’t. As soon as I can announce it, I’ll explain why I couldn’t announce it sooner. But I’ve been working on it for a little while now, and it’s something that, for several reasons, I wanted to finish while the Pythons were still doing the show.
I hate to be a tease–believe me, I’m really excited, and I’d love to tell you now–but I have to wait. But soon. Very soon. #montypythonlive

The First Half of the Last Shows…

Here’s a tantalizingly brief clip from the first week of #montypythonlive

This will excite those who were there, and those who will be there for the second and final week. It will please those who will be seeing the Last Night of Monty Python at their local theatres on July 20. It will undoubtedly irritate those who haven’t gone, aren’t going, and live in remote areas inaccessible to theatres. Those poor sods will simply have to wait for the DVD.

Python Cosplay…

The Pythons have a week off, but I’ll be filling your heads with all sorts of shiny Monty Python Live (mostly) objects, so that those who saw the show last week can re-live it, and those who are waiting to see the show (either live, in movie theatres, or, eventually, on DVD) can quiver in anticipation.

This show is starting to look a little bit like Comic Con (or at least the way the media views Comic Con), with dressing up almost compulsory. This video will show you what I mean–and also show you a few British celebs looking forward to a few silly walks…

Cleese on Critics …

Here’s one of the better reviews of Monty Python Live (mostly) from London. There have been a few very good reviews, and a few from critics who didn’t seem to “get” Python at all, and probably were not the best choice to review it. No matter.

It reminds me of something that John Cleese once told me about critics. He said that there are some good, knowledgeable critics who know their subject well, and seem to write very honestly, whether you agree with them or not. There are some rather terrible critics–often with the British tabloids–whose reviews feel as though they are dictated by an editorial mandate, which is often to build someone or something up until they decide it is better press to then tear them down. And, there is a third group, inept in a different way, who are apparently afraid to take a position on what they are supposed to be reviewing, and whose reviews consist primarily of describing the show in much detail, and not much more.

This review from The Express is worth reading–not as much for its insights (how much insight do you need with a live Python show, anyway?), but because it also includes brief clips from the show. A show that, by the way, seems to be critic-proof.






Don’t Hate Me For This Next Post…

… Though I know some of you will be happy to see this, I know that others of you will despise me.

You see, Monty Python has opened up an American online store loaded with all sorts of Monty Python Live merchandise, including T-shirts and such that, not long ago, you could only find at the O2 Arena in London.

I’ve already spent way more than I can afford on all of this, so I thought I’d see if you folks reading this have more willpower than I do. I’m rationalizing it by telling myself that the posters, hats, totes and coffee cups that I buy online is something I won’t have to buy at the show next week and carry back from London. What’s your excuse?